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Furtninture that speaks

Furniture Customization

Home & We

UI mockup summarizing the overall style, soul, and feel of the project


New Zealand

Departments involved

Motion Graphics

About this project

When we talk about Home&We, we are talking about minimalist designs, high-quality products, and environmental consciousness. Their platform allows its users to customize and build their furniture in the way that THEY want, whilst having an amazing customer experience in the meantime. The folks at Home&We were looking for a simple yet modern/artistic way of showing off their furniture, alongside eCommerce functionality and addons to make all the magic happen.
The project being designed in Figma


Minimal for the win

The key here was to not clutter the user with too much info, text, or graphics. But instead, make a cohesive mix of everything that flows into a website that feels like flying peacefully over a cloud. There was a lot of emphasis on white spaces, animations, aesthetic imagery, and a simple monochromatic color palette (with the exception of a yellow touch).
Atomic Design
Design Styleguide
Personality Test
The fun part
The project being implemented inside of Webflow


Behind the artsy curtain

Even though the site looks simple, the development was not so much. Making a beautiful website that behaves and functions properly, with incredible animations and interactions is one thing, but throwing a complex eCommerce that allows furniture customization in a 3d environment is a whole other beast in itself. Thankfully, with the help of a proprietary 3rd party app, the integration was possible and the end result was simply astonishing!
Dev Styleguide
heating up the motors