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Modern Snug

Heat Pumps

Killi Service

UI mockup summarizing the overall style, soul, and feel of the project



Departments involved

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About this project

Killi Service is a Heat Pump Vendor & Servicer in Norway. This brand helps homes reduce their electricity costs by 80% when choosing their innovative solution for greener energy use. Their team came to us with an inquiry about creating a welcoming but minimalistic design that will portray their product & service as a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative, presented in highlights that can both persuade and inform. As a response, we created something entirely unique.
The project being designed in Figma


Flawless flow

What we tried to do here is focus centrally on the product by showcasing its best qualities, free of fluff or unnecessary detail. The goal was to make the flow very comprehensive but easy to digest so that the visitor could smoothly convert to a customer within a few simple clicks. We used minimal elements in a well-communicated design layout, which does a great job at drawing the attention to the key highlights and valuable product cons. The flow was also enhanced visually with animation features that are keeping the visitor fully engaged with the content. The colors, fonts, and general composition were aligned perfectly with the brand values and Killiservice’s aim to communicate a clear message to all potential customers.
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Design Styleguide
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The fun part
The project being implemented inside of Webflow


Simple & Smart creation

One size does not fit all and this project ended up proving this point front and center! We decided to make the whole layout appear flawless on the outside but also be highly responsive on the back end despite the many interactive site customizations. All animated features also worked seamlessly on mobile and desktop mode, which made the site aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The feat to this design was staying in agreement with the overall marketing and content strategy of the brand by keeping the interface simple, yet strong.
Dev Styleguide
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heating up the motors