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Food & Dining

Nagai Sushi

UI mockup summarizing the overall style, soul, and feel of the project



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Motion Graphics

About this project

Nagai is the go-to sushi place in the heart of Bergen, Holland. They offer sit-in and takeaway services with their menu, which is made to tick everyone’s taste buds and budget! Nagai’s fantastic dishes were the inspiration for us to create a snappy home page, showcasing their premium Japanese-style food with a twist of fishy charm & professionalism. The goal for the final look was to make some food for thought (and fun for thought!) when new diners came to check out their delicious offerings. Our design did not disappoint.
The project being designed in Figma


Tasty Looks

The key message we had to send to the viewer was tasty sushi, premium quality but also easy on the pocket hood. Meeting in the middle of professionalism and fun was part of the challenge for this project, which is why the creative process took quite some brainstorming. To make the page appealing to every customer, we added testimonials, reviews from socials, and plenty of appetizing dishes, reminding the hungry why they came here in the first place! The sushi theme was featured in the details along with the regular pop-up content mentioning good deals and order-worthy discount offers. 
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Design Styleguide
Personality Test
The fun part
The project being implemented inside of Webflow



Premium sushi for everyone! This is exactly the feeling that this design should evoke with the entire wireframe. Lottie animations and motion graphics were rather subtle but cheeky enough to keep the viewer hooked to the yummy aesthetic. The biggest challenge was creating the custom code for the slider in the top half, making the miniature sushi plates enlarge over a click. In the end, we met our main objective, which was to create a friendly user interface that implied professional service and a delicious menu at a good price, the real bargain!
Dev Styleguide
heating up the motors