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Flowing with elegance

Interior Design


UI mockup summarizing the overall style, soul, and feel of the project



Departments involved


About this project

Ora is a top-line architectural design, landscape, and impact spaces firm based in the USA. The way they envision the transformation of interior & open spaces is through integrating authentic minimalism with soulful nourishment at every step in the making. Working with Ora on their page was a real honor but also an important milestone completion in our portfolio as web designers. We had to meet the superior standards of quality, set by the founders in their mission and vision, according to which we delivered a polished final look that speaks of warming harmony and meticulous attention to detail.
The project being designed in Figma


Fine Details

Perfection, warmth, and unique personality are the key identifiers of Ora, which is what we had to convey rightly in a responsive out-of-the-box horizontal design. The whole website, including the subsections, followed the same left-to-right scroll flow, in addition to the multitude of anchor links spread throughout. Making this layout function perfectly as planned. Design was a major challenge that we tackled with utmost determination and dedication. The end result speaks more than words! Perfect Harmony, just like Ora itself and its exceptional approach to quality, seen in all impact spaces created by their experts’ collective.
Atomic Design
Design Styleguide
Personality Test
The fun part
The project being implemented inside of Webflow


Perfect Harmony 

When taking up this project, we knew that we raised the bar for our design and development teams in an instant! Our client values perfection and originality as much as anything, so we were left with no room for errors when it comes to concept creation and the actual project implementation. Every single idea in our design proposal had to match the end development to the dot. We wanted to surpass our client’s expectations, which is why we took our custom code game and site interactions assignment to a whole different level!
Dev Styleguide
External Libraries
heating up the motors